Friday, 20 May 2011

How to Make Tentacles [photoshop tut]

How to Make Tentacles [photoshop tut]

So today I am gonna show you how to make tentacles using PHOTOSHOP
This method is the simplest of all!!!

  • Choose 400 x 400 pixels in new image.
    Name it "tentacles"  
  • Use the "Polygon Laso Tool" to make a triangle.[easiest tool]
  • Fill the triangle with any colour of your choice but lighter colours are better.
    I choose light blue
  • Go to Filter->Distort->Shear, and select the box that says "Repeat Edge Pixels"
  • Do not make it too long or stretched out,
    if the end is too small, the bevel won't work too well on it. 
  • click on Layer->Layer Style->Bevel and Emboss. Make sure it is set to "inner level "and the technique is at "Smooth"
  •   Depth: 60%
      Direction: Up
      Size: 5px
      Soften: 15px
  • Crop the image, move the tentacle around, and you're done!

Friday, 6 May 2011


1. Make a new file in photoshop around 250x200 in size
2. Then make a black circle on a new layer that's 100x100 pixels
3. Go to select - modify - contract the selection with 3 pixel,
   right click the selection and feather it with 1 pixel and press
   delete 5 times on your keyboard.
4. Put an outer glow effect on the circle
5. Make a round selection and use the linear gradient tool fill it
   white to transparent from edge to edge starting from the top, set
   the layer mode to "soft light"
6. Duplicate the white gradient layer Flip it vertically and move it
   to the bottom of the circle.
7. Choose the "brush tool" and select the soft round brush size 12
   Create a simple line.
8. Make a new layer,select the circle use gaussian blur with radius 10.
9. Duplicate the shadow layer and press "ctrl+t"
    That's it

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Make a new file in photoshop around 900 x 900 px .

Fill it with black colour.

Next make a new layer above the background.  Select the circular marquee tool and make a selection .

Choose the gradient tool and select radial gradient. choose the spectrum gradient.

Apply the gradient to the circular selection.

Deselect it and then merge the layer into the background.

Go to filter menu an select filter>stylize>extrude
 reduce the size to something less than 20........ the lesser the size of the pixels the thinner the spikes.

 Now run the same filter ( Ctrl+F) a few times more.

Make another layer on top of it and change the blending mode to colour. then fill it with whatever colour u like.

That's it......... u got 3D Spikes...

What is animation?

Simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames.
There are different types of animations like clay animation, cel animation, effects animation etc.
It covers the entire process from script to screen  (short or feature).
Animation is not about moving images but moving people.
A difference between live action film making & animation is animation film tends to be pegged down
pretty accurately by the end of the preproduction process itself whereas for a live action film it
is close to completion only at the end of editing which is a post production process.